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uHoo: My no. 1 choice for consumer air quality monitors

I have been an advocate for the right to breathe clean air for close to 2 decades.

I know first hand that in order to improve your air quality, you first must understand it. So how can you know what is in your indoor air? During my Environmental Justice career I have answered this questions for people in vulnerable communities, using high end, professional and often very expensive and complicated equipment. I have searched for years for a high quality device that people can afford and can use themselves, to monitor their air quality.

Hilton Kelley with the uHoo Air Toxin Sensor

I have finally found the device that meets my standards: the uHoo Air Toxin Sensor.

It is a very user friendly air monitor that utilizes a free app to alert you of unhealthy levels of toxins in the air in your home. uHoo is the most comprehensive consumer sensor that measures the most compounds in your air. I have teamed up uHoo to develop a special Hilton Kelley edition of the uHoo. This special edition provides you with all the benefits of the uHoo, AND gives you additional information, tips and tricks on how to improve your air quality. My organization, CIDA Inc., always provides support to vulnerable communities battling air pollution.

I have put this device through rigorous testing and I can tell you: this a wonderful tool to educate and protect yourself and your loved ones from harmful toxins.

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